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_(Uploading and streaming images)
You can upload images in one of two ways: Uploading images from your computer or sharing images from Flickr.
*BCCK accepts images in JPEG format only.
1. Click on "写真読込" to browse your computer and select your image.
2. Click on "アップロード" to upload your image.
3. Click on “決定” to confirm your selection.
Click here to open the Stream Image page.
Here, you can upload images from the internet.
Currently, only images attributed to Flickr ( ) are available on the BCCK image search engine. These images may be used as long as the Flickr user whose image you are using is credited. When selecting the desired image, the Flickr users name shall appear in the Credit Box for your benefit.


Including Images


[Uploading and streaming images]
●"Upload Image" button
      -For uploading images from your computer
●"Stream Image" button
      -For sharing images from Flickr (an online image-database)






Search for the desired image in the BCCK image search engine by entering one or more keywords.
All related images shall be listed on the right hand side.
Select the desired image.
This shall appear on the left hand side as a thumbnail.
Click "   " to confirm your selection.


Including Images (part 2)

[Writing your text]
● "Logo format" titles
● "Text format" titles
● Subtitles
● Headings
● Sub-headings
● The Date
● The Body
● Captions
● Credits



Writing Text

Write inside the “Text box”.
When you first try to write, it will appear that the “Text box” has already been filled. Click on the “Text box” and the sample text will disappear.
Features include:
And several more…


There are two methods for adding pages. Create a new page or create a copy of the preset page.
In both cases, you can choose how many pages you would like to create (the options available are 1, 3, 5, 10 pages). These may be placed either as the following pages or the preceding pages to the current page in your BCCK.
Click here to open the Add Page Menu. The menu will show a series thumbnails of various page formats.
1) Choose whether the new page shall be placed either 前 (preceding) or 後 (following) to the current page and choose the number of new pages.
2) Choose the page format you would like to add.
Click here to copy the current page (both the page format and the text).
Click here to delete the current page.

[Adding a Page]
●Add Page Button
●Copy Page Button

●Delete Page Button


Add, Copy, Erase a Page

Write your BCCKs description, select it’s genre and set a password here.

Number your book here if it is part of a series.
Set a password here when you want to restrict access to your book. 
Tag your BCCK here with any additional keywords. Your BCCKs genre is automatically set as a tag. 

●BCCK Description

●Copyright Settings
●Selecting the genre 


Write a brief description for your BCCK here.This will be the first thing to appear when people search for your BCCK.
Choose whether you would like to prohibit the reproduction of your BCCK. ("転載禁止"=prohibit, "なし"=free reproduct)
Select the genre for you BCCK. (You may select more than one genre).

 [BCCK Setting]


BCCK Setting



Your BCCK is not automatically issued after you have finished.
Click on the “Issue” button to save your BCCK and issue it online.

When your BCCK is issued, the “Issue” button will be replaced by the “Withdraw” button.Click on this to withdraw your BCCK

*Don’t forget, the same rules apply for password protected BCCKs .The BCCK is not issued until you press the “Issue” button.
The withdrawal checkbox is present on each page of your BCCK.
If you have an unfinished page, check this box and press "更新" button to withdraw it without withdrawing the entire BCCK.

●”公開(Issue) / 非公開(Withdraw)” button
●Withdrawal checkbox



Issuing your BCCK

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