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Hello, we are BCCKS.


[Make and Issue Your BCCK Online!]  
BCCKS is a service that will let you make your own magazine, novel, illustrated book, photo book or diary. 
We present you with "a new book structure=BCCKS" online.


By opening up the "O" in BOOKS, we have opened the floodgates. The publication market is now available to everyone.

How to make a "BCCK"




We shall show you how to make your own BCCK.
In order to make your BCCK, you will first need to register as a member. Once registered, please log in.

With this manual, anyone can start thier own BCCK with ease. This "How to make a BCCK" manual, for example, was made using this format.

Now let the BCCK making begin.




~Basic Edition~
Logging in
Choosing your BCCK format
Editing with Viewer Mode
Title settings
Including images
Add/Copy/Delete a page
Book preferences
Issuing your BCCK

Logging in


After logging in, this is found at the top of the "Home page" and "User top page". Click here to be transfered to the "Making your BCCK" page.

(At the moment, you can create a maximum of 7 publications.)

Once you are registered and have logged in, you shall receive your own page. Here, your finished BCCKS can be found.



●Making your BCCK button

●User Top


BCCK format selection (part 1)



[BCCK format selection page]

●Making your own logo
●Date entry
●"Photo book" format
●"Text only" format

We have a selection of BCCK formats for you to choose from.
Pick your favourite format!

Features include...

and many more.

In addition, changes can be made to:
BCCK size, text size, image size and positioning.
Ensuring you have your own original BCCK.



BCCK format selection (part 2)

Having chosen your BCCK format, a thumbnail (a reduced-size version of an image) shall appear with further infomation.
Inside this BCCK, we have a variety of page formats
("1photo" page, "2 photo" page, "photo and text" page, etc)

Click here to start your issue with the chosen format.

Click here to view a sample of a BCCK made in this format.
This will give you an idea of what your BCCK may look like.

Click here to return to BCCK format selection page.


[More information on BCCK formatting]
●Create button
●Sample viewer
●Cancel button


You can switch between the BCCK viewer screen and the BCCK editing screen by clicking on the “mode” button. BCCK editing mode is used when writing your BCCK, or making changes. BCCK viewer mode is solely used to look over your BCCK.
Click here to move to and from the BCCK viewer mode and the BCCK editing mode.

Click here, to issue or withdraw your work
Click here to see a preview of your work.
Click here to write a synopsis and pick a genre for your BCCK.
(See 2 page)
Click here to save your work.
Click here to save and update your issued BCCK with your most recent changes.

●Issue/Withdraw button
●Preview button
●BCCK settings button
●Save button 
●Update button


Editing with viewer mode


 [Viewer mode & Editing mode]

View/Edit BCCK button●


In general, each format comes with a set of 2 different title designs.
You can choose a font from a set of BCCK logo fonts.
Click here to access the Title settings page.
The title settings page allows you to alter the Title, font and colour settings.
This is the alternative title format to be used when writing in Japanese and English. This allows you to set your Title but does not include the font settings option.


Title Setting

[Title setting]

●Creating a "Logo format" title(Engilsh only)
●Creating "Text format" title